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Road Runners


Constitution and By-laws for

Mount Carmel Road Runners



Article 1.


The name of the club is Road Runners.


Article 2.


          A. Objectives:

                    1. The Road Runner Program promotes physical activity and healthy lifestyle.  To provide a running enrichment program that, gives the opportunity to improve running knowledge and skills, encourages     participation in running events, and helps students meet other students in the school and the community.


                   2. The Road Runner Program builds self-esteem by giving children a feeling of success when they finish a race and challenges them to improve their personal run times for future events!


                   3. The Road Runner Program allows students to learn responsibility in setting goals and participating in healthy activities.


          B. Proposed Membership 


                   A student in the Mount Carmel Road Runner Program will:

                   1. Sign Road Runners agreement and pay dues by the deadline stated in the Road Runners packet


                   2. Attend all practices in the fall and spring (rain or shine.)  

                             a. Any missed practices are considered unexcused unless a parent informs the coach through conversation, email, or a note.


                             b. Three unexcused absences will result in dismissal from the team.


                    3. Abide by MCES Standards of Conduct.


                             a.  Office referrals may result in dismissal from the team. The coach and administration will make these decisions.


                   4. Abide by the attendance policy set by the Douglas County School System.

                             a. Students who are not attending school may be dismissed from the team.


                   5. Maintain academic responsibilities in the classroom.

                             a. Complete and maintain satisfactory daily classwork/homework.                                   


                                      *  We understand that students may have difficult times.                                         Therefore, we may have a time of probation in an effort to help the students "get back on track."


                   6. Attend races that are set each year by the Road Runners coach.

                             a. Students must run at least 1 race in the fall to be considered a part of the team for the spring.

                             b. Students who run in 4 races or more will earn a letter or a bar.

                             c.  Students who run 7 or more races are considered a "Super                                 Runner," and their names will go on a plaque to be displayed in the gym. 4 races must be from the Road Runner schedule set each year. 3 races can be extra races not on the schedule or 7 from the schedule parents choose. 

                            d. Students who run in all the races will receive special  recognition for a perfect season.

                             f.  Students will report their race time to the coach for each event.  Race times must be recorded by Monday after the race. 


Parents/guardians will abide by the following guidelines for their children to be a Road Runner:


1.      Fill out the interest form on-line that is provided. Forms that are filled out on-line are not a guarantee that the child is on the team. A note will be sent informing the parent if the child made the team prior to the first practice. 


                   2. Sign the Road Runner agreement and pay dues by the deadline stated in the Road Runner packet


                   3. Take their child to a minimum of one race in the fall and spring


 Article 3.



          •  Grades 1-5: Any Mount Carmel Elementary student in grades 1-5 can be a Road Runner if all conditions in Article 2 are met.

          •    Kindergarten children must have an older sibling in the program to participate.   Kindergarten parents must attend practices.

           •  Road Runner numbers are restricted to the number of students allowed in the program. Numbers will vary according to how many parent volunteers are available.  Coach Jones will make the final decision on the group size.



Article 4.




Practice days and times could vary according to the size of the group. Until further notice.   All practices will be conducted on campus at Mount Carmel Elementary School on Friday mornings at 7:00.