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Full STEAM Ahead
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Thursday, November 09, 2017
Andre, Mikayla & Devin "rescue" a Tiger
Andre, Mikayla & Devin "rescue" a Tiger

Full STEAM Ahead!

By Maggie Brown, Mt. Carmel Elementary

2nd Grade Teacher/Leader Lab Director

 Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math are an offered curriculum during our Leader Lab after school program, also known as the 21st Century Grant. In this first youear of the grant, students are given a problem to solve and they immediately go into action. Recently, students began planning, synergizing, and using skills they have refined in our program to “save a tiger”!

We had a tiger “captured in the mountains” and we needed to get him “back to the zoo”. The scenario is invented, however targeted to real world applications. We used a model to prompt problem solving and engineering skills. As a group, children worked together. They were given a time limit to engineer a system or device with a variety of blocks to transfer the tiger from the mountains back to the zoo. Thank goodness the great minds teamed up and rescued the tiger safely!

At Mt. Carmel, Leader Lab has taken off! We have been given the opportunity to serve a group of students by the 21st Century grant. Teachers have used this time to expand knowledge, skills, and leadership qualities in our children. The 21st Century Grant has provided the funding for an academic and enrichment program at Mt. Carmel Elementary School. We have developed a recipe for success with a little integration of the school-wide model, a handful of academics, a plethora of enrichment, a splash of art, engineering, technology, and a heap of fun!

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” John F. Kennedy

We are developing leaders every day and not just for the future. Our children are leaders today! As a Leader in Me School, we are always working on developing the students to lead in a variety of ways. 

An exciting STEAM activity is pictured with  5th Graders,  Andre Todd, Mikayla Morgan & Devin Martin showing the tiger’s “rescue”.

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