Mock Election @ MCES
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Tuesday, November 08, 2016
5th Grade PC Students
5th Grade PC Students

As a Leader in Me™ school, Mt. Carmel is always seeking opportunities for our students to exercise the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and their leadership abilities.   On November 4, 2016 Mt. Carmel Elementary School held a Mock Presidential Election.  The 8th habit for The Leader in Me™ is "Finding Your Voice"; therefore, the slogan for our Mock Election is "Your Voice and Your Vote Matters!"  The students and adults at our school had an opportunity to use their voice to vote for their presidential nominee.   

The fifth grade Program Challenge students worked very hard during September and October learning about the U.S. Government, particularly the Executive Branch of Government.  They learned about the Office of Presidency, how we elect our President, and the powers and duties of the President.  Teams of students worked together to research each of the four candidates for Presidency.  Each team wrote a report about their candidate, created a visual aid, and presented their information to students in grades K-5 at our school.  While presenting in the classrooms, the Program Challenge students also informed the children about the importance of registering to vote.  Afterwards, the fifth graders helped the children register to vote for our Mock Election. They did a fantastic job working the polls. While the children used their voice to cast their vote, the school votes did not reflect reality. If it had, Hillary Clinton would have been inaugurated last month.    


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